Reading to Horses

For Teachers Only

Your 'kids' are reading to the horses and amazing things are happening?

Perhaps you’d care to spend some time with the horses and experience some similar amazing things
happening with you?

It is safe - fun - exhilarating!

For Teachers only! is a horse workshop focused on providing you with an opportunity to go face-to-face with our horses and get know them a little better (a whole lot better, actually).

In this workshop, the activities will consist of:

  • playing with them on the ground in a safe and controlled indoor environment,
  • learning more about their individual “horseonalities”, and
  • understanding how they think by handling them on the ground and seeing how they accept us without judgement.

You will discover how horses:

  • provide us with a mirror ... when we change , they change,
  • help us discover increased self awareness,
  • are energy beings ... one of the reasons why they work so well with children, and
  • give us increased self confidence.

You will learn:

  • the new science of Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Healing,
  • some ideas about how to improve your personal and professional communication, and
  • horses are truly amazing teachers!

For more information about "For Teachers Only"
Gary Millar

Tel. (780) 499-9219

Instruction Manual

The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project

An innovative, experiential learning program—Equine Assisted Learning. This program is committed to motivating children to want to read, enhancing their literacy skills and developing their confidence in reading.

It is an amazing adventure for the children to enjoy the opportunity to read to the horses and experience the exhilaration and joy of spending time with these amazing non-judgmental teachers. “It is important to teach children to read, but we haven’t achieved anything if children know how to read … but don’t!”

For more information about "The Kids are Reading to the Horses"
Gary Millar

Tel. (780) 499-9219



Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project


Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project