Reading to Horses

The Purpose

To motivate children to discover the joys of reading and writing while learning through the magic of contact with live horses.

The Goal

To spark the imagination of children so they will want to read and write. So they enjoy their own sense of creativity as they escape into a world of adventure.

The 'kids' are motivated to want to read and write!



Perfect Timing ...
The schools are doing a good job of teaching 'kids' to read. Reading skills are like muscles ... use it or lose it! The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project motivates 'kids' to want to read and enjoy reading. Grades one through five are critical years for reading development. It is important to learn the reading basics in the early years. Those who do not, are likely to fall behind in all subject areas. If 'kids' go through the fourth grade and learn to enjoy reading, statistics indicate this increases their chances of graduating from high school and enjoying a reasonable quality of life. The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project is perfectly timed to connect with students who are actively engaged in learning to read and practicing their reading skills. The students are impressionable and this exhilarating experience of working with and reading to the horses provides them with the opportunity to make reading a high priority in their lives.
Reading to Horses


“Horses are outstanding teachers! The horses motivate kids to want to read and write.” - Gary Millar

The Black Stallion


Horses make great listeners as part of literacy program CBC News Posted: Oct 31, 2014 6:10 PM MT A very shy boy spent time petting a very patient horse on Friday, and even read a book to his new friend. For more click here
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