Arabian Horse Angel Wings Project

Reading to Horses


The Angel Wings project will invite “kids,” (and their families) suffering life challenging sickness and disabilities to come and experience the world of horses. As we all know, horses give us wings. Horses can change lives. Our Arabian horses are about to be very busy … changing the lives of many “kids” and their families … lending them wings!

Gary Millar and Trifon, an Arabian stallion


To provide a safe & comfortable special place for ‘kids’ and their families to visit and experience extraordinary, quality of life moments with live horses and animals in conjunction with their medical treatment, while facing chronic and life threatening issues.

The Program

This project is a division of the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project. It will operate as an Equine Assisted Therapy program under the name of Arabian Horse Angel Wings Project (AHAWP).


The cost for “kids” to participate is … no cost.


The “kids” may come and just visit. They might touch and take in the peace and quiet of the farm … just enjoy being with the horses and animals. Crafts and activities will be available. Some “kids” may actually ride and learn riding and life skills from the back of the horse. The farm will be available 24 / 7 / 365 for the “kids”. All visits are done with a program volunteer and will be made by appointment.

Promotions And Partners

This program will network with organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation, Kids With Cancer, the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Al Shamal Shriners (assisting crippled children) and other groups who support sick or disabled “kids,” to refer the ‘kids’ to the program. We will also look to the medical community to refer “kids” to the program. Teachers and parents will be asked to watch for ‘kids’ who “need wings.”

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities will support “kids” with the purchase of riding equipment (helmets, boots and grooming supplies). This will lend itself perfectly to an “adopt a ‘kid’ “ program. From time to time funds may be used to purchase special equipment or materials to be used in the program based on specific needs.


The Arabian Horse Angel Wings Project will operate with a carefully selected group of volunteers. Volunteer selection will be done based on strict criteria ensuring suitability to the program, comfort with horses and comfort with the ‘kids.’

The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Foundation and Millar Venture Arabians will backstop all costs associated with the horses and farm. No funds will be raised for administration, horse care or feed.

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